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What can we answer for you?



What colors does your system come in?


The StruXure Pergola X System features six standard colors options (white, tan, bronze, adobe, gray, and black) which compliments almost any architecture. For those unique applications we do have available thousands of custom colors. A chemical textured powder coat makes a more scratch resistant surface, while giving it a flatter finish that is driving the outdoor color pallet of today.






Can it be attached to a host structure?

Yes, our system can be attached to an existing structure, attached to a roof or erected as a standalone unit!

How will it hold up in my climate?

Our system is the most durable louvered roof on the market today! It has been specifically engineered to withstand hurricane force winds, heavy snow loads, large hail and everything in between.



How is StruXure Pergola X different?


A better product that is built to last a lifetime. We are constantly perfecting our product through applying advanced technology, engineering, design, and by building highly personalized premium louvered roofs of extraordinary quality.



What is your system made of?


Our system is powder coated, heavy gauge extruded aluminum with stainless steel components giving us the most durable louvered roof on the market today. From our superior drive system which is UL and CE certified, down to the stainless steel tex screws that secures the system together. Nothing but the best!



What is the longest span you can cover?


The longest span between posts is 24 feet when the beam is doubled. However, the longest louver span length is 12 foot.  Larger systems will consist of multiple zones connected together.

Our system is totally customizable so you can design to fit any space.



What is your warranty?


StruXure Outdoor offers a limited lifetime warranty on the structure and finish, along with a 5-year warranty on the electronics. Our warranty is transferable!



Where can I purchase a StruXure Pergola X?


In the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex call or email fka. Adjustable Patio Covers of DFW. The phone number is 972-841-1672 or  



What are the benefits of installing a louvered roof?


Sun, shade, and shelter. Complete control over your outdoor environment. A StruXure Pergola X will help you maximize the use of your outdoor space. You can have shade at the touch of a button while still being able to let the sunshine in when it is preferred. With the combination of the rain sensor, the interlocking louver design and the built in gutter system, you have shelter from the rain as well.



Can you help with the design?


Yes! We have an in-house design team that can create 3D renderings of your design, provide construction drawings for installers and permit filing  and we also have local structural engineers who are ready when needed. This service is offered to you through our dealer network at a very nominal cost.







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Color Options

Express Yourself In Color











Custom colors at a small to moderate upcharge.





System Operations

Innovation Meets Functionality

The patented StruXure Pergola X System has a full complement of advanced technology both within the system as well as driving the operational controls. Everything is designed to work in unison. The result is fingertip control and a dynamic connection with your outdoor space.

  • ALRT - Advanced Louvered Roof Technology

  • iLouver Technology - Smartphone App

  • Sensors – Rain/Wind/Programmability

  • Manual Operation Option

  • Motorized Drive System – UL & CE Certified

  • Safe – Low voltage system (24v)

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